Black community is there when shit hits the fan

I was taking a shower last around 11 pm and somehow my brain wandered to the topic on black folks being there for each other when shit hits the fan.

Again I don’t know how my thoughts got while scrubbing, but it did. My first thought was dam, that’s dope that you can typically rely on your family or the community in dire needs. Then I thought further. I thought we should be there for moments that aren’t necessarily code red. Some days someone needs an extra hand in business, finance, someone to just grab dinner with, etc.

If we take some time to invest time in others we can prevent things from blowing up. I have a motto “I don’t put out fires, I prevent them” meaning if I can take care of a problem before it becomes too big then I’ll never stress or panic.

This is just my thoughts, I don’t see it being negative, but I do think we can make improvements. Just a simple “what you need help with” can make a huge impact.

Yall be easy and remember when you’re in the shower “wash yo ass” Red Foxx



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